Why is the usual application process so slow, often daunting and data-intensive - without being more objective as a result? And why is it actually so difficult for companies and applicants to talk to each other quickly so that positions can be filled safely in a short time?

As a startup, we have searched for good and balanced answers and developed this virtual job market as a solution to this problem: JobEngel.


JobEngel works on the principle of not actively applying for jobs, but being requested by companies. We focus on the essentials - matching the skills of applicants with the requirements of companies.


  • JobEngel focuses on objectivity, data thrift and uncomplicatedness.
  • JobEngel is suitable for all professions and, regardless of whether with the desire for a permanent position, apprenticeship, part-time job, internship or freelance work.
  • Since skills, experience and interests are what matter when filling a position, JobEngel focuses precisely on these requirements.
  • JobEngel is very careful with information provided and is 100% non-discriminatory.
  • There are no job advertisements at JobEngel. Companies pay once per contact with a potential candidate.
  • For job seekers, the use is and remains 100% free of charge.